Employment Opportunities Program

One of the main objectives of the International Master's in Theoretical & Practical Application of Finite Element Method and CAE Simulation is the professional practical application of the CAE knowledge acquired in the workplace.
The aim of this Employment Opportunities Program is to connect Master's attendees or recently Master's graduates which are interested in working in the CAE field with companies which require this type of professional.
The wide experience of the Master's Partners in the CAE field allows distributing this initiative among many CAE companies to facilitate the connection between both professional parts. This program has been put in knowledge to an important range of CAE companies, being an easy way to contact with CAE professionals interested in a new employment opportunity.
Once a CAE company contacts the Employment Opportunities Program looking for a CAE professional, the Employment Opportunities Program provides them the CVs of the attendees inside the Program which match with the job requirements. From that moment the process is directed by the interested company.


If you are interested in hiring a new CAE professional, please, write to employment@ingeciber.com specifying the details of the job, type of CAE professional that you are looking for, requirements, etc.

Master's Attendee interested in the Employment Opportunities Program

If you are interested in being considered in the Employment Opportunities Program, please, send your CV to employment@ingeciber.com specifying in the message's subject "Attendee". Please also indicate your relation with the Master’s Program (studied editions, modules, software, etc.).